Hello & Welcome

Thank you for returning your signed booking form. I’m so pleased you chose to work with me and I’m very much looking forward to working with you.

Included in this welcome are some key pieces of information to assist us as we build upon our working relationship.

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The details...

My core values are Trust, Integrity, Commitment and Quality.  My aim is to ensure you feel you can trust me to execute your requests efficiently, effectively, and with the utmost discretion – saving you time and worry.


My core working hours are between 9.30 and and 4.00 pm Monday to Friday.  Additional work may be completed and submitted outside of normal working hours at my discretion.


The level of service I afford my clients is due to a methodical approach to my day.  Once we have established our working practices my preferred method of communication is by email.  However, if you’d like to schedule an ad hoc call or meeting I am happy to arrange this.  Calls and emails will be returned within 24 hours during normal business days.


Scheduling in advance (one week is preferred, but a few days is helpful) will allow me to reserve time for you and make your project a top priority.

Projects that have an unusually quick turnaround request can be subject to an additional fee and will be completed at my discretion.  Any such requests must be marked "urgent" with clear expectations for delivery set out.

Information Security & Confidentiality

If you haven't already returned the UK Data Processing form please do so.  This protects both of us and sets out the standards to which

Managing the work

Depending on the type of work I’ll be doing for you I may manage the workflow through ClickUp.  If this is the case I'll provide you with a link to your workspace and tasks will be managed here.  I use ClickUp as it allows us both to have absolute visibility of the work, speeding up communication and minimising the “loss” or “misplacing” of tasks and activities.

​Please watch these short videos Click Up Tour Part 1 and Click Up Tour Part 2 to familiarise yourself – they’re only a few minutes long.  I am of course on hand to answer any queries or take you through anything in more detail should you need to do so.


My Office Fairy observes all United Kingdom national holidays.  ​Personal holidays of one week or more will be notified to you no less than 2 weeks in advance.  We reserve the right to employ a substitute to ensure there is no loss of service to yourself.

Time keeping

For time based packages or ad hoc work we use an app to record the time spent working for you.  You can opt to receive weekly or monthly reports to keep you appraised.  Time is billed in 15 minute segments.

Terms of Business

To avoid any misunderstandings during the course of our working relationship, please ensure you have familiarised yourself with the Terms of Business.

And finally...

.....if there is anything you find hasn't been covered, either here, in the Booking Form or any other documentation please do ask for clarification.


Best wishes


0330 311 2630