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Updated: Dec 30, 2021

I just can’t work in a mess.

“When there are lots of objects and shapes for your brain to take in, this can affect how quickly your brain can process situations” - Bupa.co.uk

Ergo a tidy desk at work will make us think more clearly.

Personally, I get very distracted if my work space is untidy. I find it hard to focus and it makes me quite anxious. Perhaps I’m worried I will lose something, or lose sight of a task. (I can’t even relax at home if the house needs sorting.)

  • Start by putting everything into a box

  • Put what you need near you, and less used items in a cupboard or drawer further away

  • Trays

  • Boxes – you don’t have to spend money on these, I use delivery boxes or recycle the punnets that my fruit and veg is packaged in. A rather lovely friend during lockdown delivered a tray of yummy cakes in a box which has been repurposed in my office as it fits in rather well with my colour scheme!

  • Tidy the leads and cables – use string, cable ties. Not only will this cure a potential health and safety hazard, it makes it easier when you have to find leads for appliances. I also label my plugs.

  • Can you get rid of anything? What haven't you used in the last 6 months - year?

  • Create files for your invoices, clients, or subject matter – and make sure you file any new things. This applies to your computer filing system too and will result in less time spent looking for “missing” documents.

*File in alphabetical order/date order

*Write a note when you’ve done something (on the paperwork (e.g. paid 20/3/2020)

*Set a time/day of the week to do specific activities such as pay bills, do invoices

  • Set some time aside regularly to keep on top of it, your desk will soon get messy again during the course of the day. Wherever possible tidy up as you go along and at the end of the day clear your desk. A clear desk also contributes to meeting Data Protection and GDPR requirements.

I hope you find these tips useful - enjoy decluttering!

If you need support with any aspect of your business, My Office Fairy are here to help so just get in touch.

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