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Updated: Dec 30, 2021

I find that when I'm disorganised, I'm stressed. I can't focus if my workspace is a messy, or there are too many emails in my inbox. Here are some tips for keeping on top and staying organised. Do all, some or one – you can apply these at home or at work, or both!

1.Clean, organise and purge your workspace

Whether it’s your office, your kitchen, your lounge or that box under the bed that you keep all your bills in…….a tidy workspace give you clarity and room to focus on what you need to achieve. If you haven’t used it in the last year then it’s likely you don’t need it – either recycle it, or scan and archive it first.

2.Give everything a home

Keeping your life organised means keeping your things in their proper places. Once you’ve decluttered make sure you keep your space organised by putting everything back where it lives. Make sure the things you use all the time are in easily accessible spaces.

3.Only use one calendar

Find the one that works for you, on your computer, your phone or your desk. Get rid of all the others and consolidate everything in one place. If you have more than one person or project to schedule use different colours. Write yourself reminders a week in advance of an appointment of the things you need to prepare for, or take with you.

4.Make a list and check it twice!

There’s nothing more satisfying and motivating than being able to visually see what you’ve achieved. Get in the habit of making a To Do List for the following day.

5.Focus on what matters

At the beginning of each day take 5 or 10 minutes to focus on 3 big things you need to achieve that day and write them down.

6.Plan, plan, plan

Start planning now for the things you need to do in the next year. Create files that are ready for you to deposit things in.

7.Keep a track of your finances every week

Create a budget, class savings as a fixed outgoing. Set up a system so you record your ad hoc expenditure each week and stick to your budget. Pay your bills on time - set up direct debits - and avoid charges.

8.Get to grips with the groceries

I’ve always struggled with being inventive in the kitchen and the thought of preparing interesting, balanced meals for the family each night used to fill me with dread. I created a 6 week rolling meal planner, created shopping lists on my preferred online supermarket for each week and now I have all my shopping “trips” planned in advance. The meal planner is on the kitchen wall and no-one has to struggle with “what to cook for dinner tonight”.

9.Set up a system for keeping track of all your passwords

Either invest in a password safe for your smart phone or keep a password protected document on your computer – that way you only have to remember one password. Password Safe applications are great as they usually allow you to store more information than just passwords, such as useful phone numbers, notes about your security questions, credit/debit card information and policy numbers. I’d be lost without mine.

10.Finally – do one thing at a time

Don’t try to be a superhero, you will end up doing all things badly and not one thing well.

Good luck!

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