5 signs you need HR support

1 Hiring the right people is becoming difficult

Most small business owners believe they are good "people people" and that a formal interview is not necessary when they are hiring people. A few months later and they're often frustrated that their hire isn't pulling their weight they way they thought they would. An interview is more than a chat to see whether you get on with someone. A thorough and focussed interview process can be the difference between a good employee with all the skills you need and someone who isn't the right fit for your business.

2 All you do is manage people

Has your job turned into one big babysitting project? Do you spend the majority of your time sorting out disagreements between co-workers, managing employee disputes, and firing and hiring on what seems to be a constant carousel? It's likely you need to scratch the surface to get to the bottom of the real issue here, and implement some changes to improve things.

3 You find yourself Googling employment law regularly

For a manager with limited HR experience, knowing what should be included in a contract when someone joins you can be confusing. An experienced HR person will be well versed in basic employment law and can offer support and guidance through well established processes.

4 People keep leaving

No idea why you can't hang onto good people? If you can't seem to keep employees you may need to review how you onboard people into your organisation. First impressions count and your new employees first impressions of your business are going to have a big impact on how engaged and embedded they are going to become. An external set of eyes can often identify areas for improvement, or pick up on points you may have missed.

5 You believe HR is only about paperwork

Yes, there's a lot of paperwork (although most of this is digitised now) involved, but HR is so much more than this. It's about engaging your employees, building a trusting relationship that benefits both you and your employee/s and ensures commitment from both parties.

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