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Time, like money is a valuable resource and, like money, can seem to disappear in front of your eyes. Both resources require planning and review to keep track of their use. With a little time spent getting into the nitty gritty of your processes you can make big improvements to the way you work, becoming more effective and efficient.

Optimise Monetise Galvanise

In this blog I'll explain how you can very quickly make some changes

to how you work which will have long term benefits.

You can't improve what you don't measure

The first step to saving time in your day is to find out just where it's going. Look at what you're spending most of your time on each day. You may already have a good idea what this is, but what do you do about it?

Document your procedures

When it's just you working in your business you're probably wondering what the point is of documenting your procedures. Surely if no-one else works with you writing all that down is a waste of time? But what if one day you're taken ill and you need a partner or a friend to pick up the reigns for a short period? Or you want to scale up and bring other people into your team? If you haven't documented your procedures you're not ready for this. AND if it's not written down it's hard to evaluate.

There's always room for improvement

Continuous improvement is a key phrase at My Office Fairy. There's not much that can't be tweaked to make it better. Once you've defined your processes you're in a position to evaluate and identify where there might be gaps, room for automation, improvement, or where there's repetition. So let the streamlining commence! This is where you'll be able to see the savings you can make on the time you spend doing repetitive activities. It could be as simple as setting up some rules for automation in your inbox or implementing a time and project management tool like ClickUp to keep track of your activities in a focussed manner.

Now you have extra time on your hands - what are you going to do with it? Will you plough that time back in to your business, or will you take the opportunity to spend time with the family, or pick up a new hobby, or get back to an old one?

Shifting from being time poor to time rich can have a big impact on your business. You'll be in a position to:

  • increase sales

  • service customers quicker

  • invoice customers quicker

  • network

  • diversify your offering

  • focus on outstanding projects and finish them!

  • spend time ON your business, instead of IN your business

The world is really your oyster here and it's up to you to decide what the best course of action is.

These are some really simple things you can put into action to save you time and increase your revenue. What are you waiting for?

Make your time count. Earn More, Do Less, Spend Time Where It Matters.

If you need help to see the wood through the trees please get in touch. We love to systemise and streamline!

Whilst every care has been taken in compiling this information, My Office Fairy Ltd cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions and the information is not intended as a substitute for specific legal advice.

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