What can you get for 1 hour or less?

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

As a Virtual Assistant people often ask “how long will it take” and “how much will it cost”? Sometimes you may as well ask “how long is a piece of string”, but there are many things that can be completed in an hour (or less). Here are 25 tasks that a VA can do in an hour – so any one of these tasks below can be done for less than £30 and fly right off your To Do List!


1. Shortlist candidates for your job vacancy

2. Write and post a job advert

3. Prepare interview questions

4. Review and update a HR policy

5. Review and make recommendations on MI

6. Prepare Policy templates

7. Make a job offer to a candidate and reject the unsuccessful ones

8. Design an employee satisfaction survey

9. Write a process

Digital Marketing

10. Review your marketing materials and check for errors

11. Review your articles for better SEO and to avoid duplicate content online

12. Create an email newsletter

13. Create business cards

14. Review your Social Media branded page or website

15. Review your website for broken links, meta tags or other issues


16. Create branded Word templates

17. Research your competition

18. Create a Powerpoint presentation

19. Reformat a document or presentation

20. Convert a Word document PDF

21. Write a “How To” guide

22. Copy type 6 pages of text from a hard copy

23. Transcribe a 15 minute audio report and proof read it

24. Data entry – e.g. type contact details into a database

25. Design a survey for your clients

If you need support with any aspect of your business, My Office Fairy are here to help so just get in touch.

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