Achieve Your (New Year) Goals

Once you've decided what your goals are going to be for the next year, you need to make sure you achieve them. Here are some hints to help you keep focussed.

Break it up into bite size chunks

Setting realistic milestones or, deadlines can make large tasks more achievable. Your overall goals for the year can be broken down into smaller milestones to reach in each quarter, then even further as you look at the next 90 days. Really focus on specific activities such as putting a number against how many new clients you're going to reach out to, or the value of sales you're going to aim for, or even how many times you're going to make it to the gym each week! Make sure your numbers are achievable, and don't forget you can always tweak them.

Review Goals Monthly

Keep yourself on track. Make sure you write your milestones down, and tick them off when you've done one. Remind yourself what you wanted to achieve, and why, and track how you are progressing. Visibly seeing the progress you're making will motivate you to do more.

Seek Accountability

Sometimes when you're flying solo accountability is hard to come by. It's more difficult to let things slip if you don't think anyone else is going to know or care, or cheer you when you've achieved something. Find a buddy or a group that will help you feel as though you're getting your butt kicked each week.

Schedule time in your diary - and stick to it

If you don't plan to do it, it's unlikely you will get around to it. The day to day pressures of your to do list will always be a distraction. If you want to progress and achieve your goals you'll need to dedicate time to doing so. Choose a time in your week where you are least pressured, or have the least distraction, turn the phone off, close down your emails and focus on doing something that moves you a step closer to achieving your goal. This could be spending an hour learning a new app, or doing some research for a blog post

Be open to change

If the last 2 years have taught us anything, it's that change is constant, and the best laid plans are fluid. If things aren't working out the way you thought they would, be adaptable. Treat everything as a learning opportunity. You may find you need to detour slightly to get to the same end result, or things beyond your control have changed so you need to change direction in order to meet the new needs. Whatever the reason, it's ok to deviate from your original plan, as long as your goals are still going to push your business forward.

Go easy on yourself

Everyone has a bad day from time to time. If you don't get everything you wanted to done today, don't beat yourself up. Tomorrow is a fresh start and you can pick up on where you left off then. If you find you're struggling to find time to dedicate to moving your business forward then look at what tasks you can delegate to an assistant to free up your time so you can concentrate on growth.

Finally, remember to congratulate yourself each time you make progress, no matter how small that progress is. Baby steps add up, and when you review your position in 2, 3 or 6 months time you will be surprised at the progress you've made.

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