Top Challenges for Your Small Biz in 2022

There are over 5.5 million small business in the UK that employ over 12.9 million people. So what are the challenges facing them this year?

1 Attracting Talent

Many workers quit their jobs or lost them during the pandemic, despite the government sinking money into the furlough scheme which ended n September 2021. This has resulted in huge demand for jobs and less skilled roles are attracting hundreds of applications - making sifting through them and narrowing down your selection very difficult! The key to this is knowing exactly what you want before you start the process so you can be brutal.

2 Managing Remote Workers

Remote working - now we've accepted it can be done - can be very attractive to experienced professionals. It's unlikely that remote working will go away because it helps companies cut costs by reducing the need for costly overheads.

The topic of managing remote workers is a hot one as whilst (we were) quick to adopt the practice of remote working when the country went into lockdown, a lot of small businesses have been slower to recognise the new responsibilities they have when managing remote workers. In particular remote working has exacerbated mental health issues relating to loneliness, anxiety and depression for many. Effectively supporting mental health in the home work place will continue to be challenging in the immediate future and managers should implement and review policies and training in this area.

3 Pandemic Concerns

The continued threat of Corona-virus outbreaks will be amongst the top challenges again in 2022. Absences from work will need to be managed along with keeping up with the latest government advice in relation to self isolation and the requirements for self certification. You'll need to ensure you're keeping appropriate records in relation to any absences and maintaining compliance with your HR records.

4 Improving Content Marketing

Always a challenge and well worth investing in a specialist digital marketer to increase traffic to your website. Digital marketing campaigns are a proven method of increasing leads through social media, search engines and targeted email campaigns. It's important for small businesses to recognise the value of investment in this area as competition is fierce and your competitors are likely to be considering the same options.

5 Avoiding Employee Burnout

One of the challenges lock down and working from home first brought us was how to manage home schooling and working at the some time. Now - touch wood - the kids are back at school and the challenge for many is knowing when to switch off and stop working. Advanced connectivity and use of social media for work as well as pleasure has lead to many people experiencing burn out where they are just not taking a break. This burn out not only impacts on the mental and physical health of the person experiencing it, but also be detrimental to our business as it manifests as disengagement. If not addressed and supported your culture can very quickly become toxic.

6 Commitment to Sustainability

We're all on a journey to a net zero carbon economy by 2050. Small businesses can reduce their carbon footprint by digitising many administrative processes, moving towards digital marketing options and investing in new technology to streamline the customer journey.

In conclusion, some of the challenges we face this year are very similar to those we faced last year. Now we have the benefit of hindsight, we can use what we've learned to better inform planning and embrace new technologies and working practices.

We can help you tackle these challenges head on by providing you with expert support.

Whilst every care has been taken in compiling this information, My Office Fairy Ltd cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions and the information is not intended as a substitute for specific legal advice.

If you need support with anything discussed above, we can help you tackle these challenges head on by providing you with expert support. My Office Fairy are here to help so just get in touch.

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